Representing multiple clients with a Single Pitch

When placing your focus on a specific client as an individual project and you have about eight clients to write press releases for it can become time consuming and take a lot of energy. As I strive to become a publicist in the entertainment industry I have thought about how I could kill multiple birds with one stone and still be effective and professionally correct with my public relations strategies. I wanted to create or discover an efficient yet effective strategy to expand my future clients’ media exposure without neglecting my priorities with my other clients. After reading this article I begin to have some relief in thoughts of my future as an entertainment publicist.

The article briefly explains exposing a brand in a pitch style in an email blast will set your brand apart from the competitors because it contains less verbiage. These email blast can be sent to editors at one time. This is less time consuming than traditional press release. As you use this public relations strategy to set yourself apart from the others; it also becomes easier to create and achieve maximum media exposure for multiple clients. Along with the email pitch blast to editors you can use your pitch as a full representation of what your brand has to offer for this season or focus on a specific trend for your brand. But you only want to create this pitch if it is okay with your clients to send a pitch with multiple clients tied into one. The article calls this a Mega-client bundle.

The article goes into more detail about how to create a newsworthy look for your brand and clients. Another helpful outlook to this article is that it gives publicist of any industry the strategy of Re-use, Re-think, and Re-cycle which will give you that extra push towards being effective and efficient with your pitch.

To read the full article go to: http://prcouture.com/2009/03/30/bundle-your-fashion-pr-pitches-for-maximum-return/


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